NorVa Centre

The Northern Visual Arts Centre, known as “NorVa” to its friends, has been part of the Flin Flon cultural scene since late 2010.

It is the product of many local artists working together to create a studio/exhibition facility at the site of the old Johnny’s Confectionary store on Green Street in Flin Flon.

Prior to NorVa, studio and exhibition facilities in the Flin Flon region were extremely limited. This posed major challenges both to the creative process and to sharing the results of that process with the public. Not every artist can afford the luxury of a permanent home studio and until NorVa came along there were few other places where their art could be displayed or sold. The NorVa Centre group changed all that with its establishment of a facility that provides studio space for several artists, space for exhibitions by both local and out-of-town artists, a place where artists can display and sell their works, and a venue for everything from art classes to readings to intimate music performances.

Since 2010 the NorVa Centre has hosted several exhibitions and performances, and has become the go-to place for art classes in Flin Flon. It has already seen a great deal of art created within its walls, art that might not have ever come to be but for the availability of the Centre and its studio space.

The FFNRC is proud to have played a role in the creation of this Flin Flon cultural institution.


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